If you are ordering an Orange Shirt please place an order before September 16th to ensure it arrives before September 30th. NEW Sizing Charts have been added to our Orange Shirt Collection. We are currently out of stock on the print version of our Hope and Healing publication. Check back soon for restock.

Orange T-Shirt - YOUTH XSM to L
Orange T-Shirt - YOUTH XSM to L

Orange T-Shirt - YOUTH XSM to L

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Finished measurements are in Inches     

Chest: Full chest, measured 1" under the arms.

                NUMERIC       CHEST

XS           2-4                     32

S              6-8                    34

M            10-12                  36

L              14-16                 38

XL           18-20                 40


What is Orange Shirt Day?

Orange Shirt Day is a day to Remember and Honour Indigenous children who attended Residential Schools. It is also a Day to Inspire Action to improve relationships with Indigenous Peoples today.  Orange Shirt Day began in William’s Lake British Columbia and was started by Stswecem'c Xgat'tem First Nation Elder, Phyllis Jack Webstad who had her new orange shirt taken away on her first day at the St. Joseph Mission Residential School when she was six years old.  Since 2013, Canadians of all backgrounds have been wearing orange shirts to acknowledge the experiences of Indigenous students who attended Residential Schools across Canada and to ensure that every child matters in future generations. 

The movement calls for every Canadian to wear an orange shirt on September 30 in the spirit of healing and Reconciliation. This date was chosen because it is the time of year when Indigenous children were taken from their homes to go to Residential Schools.

About LHF’s Orange Shirt:

Legacy of Hope Foundation has been educating and raising awareness about Residential Schools and Reconciliation since 2000. This year, we designed and made available, a special orange t-shirt so that all Canadians can affirm that every child matters.

The text on the front of this shirt highlights the three important steps to Reconciliation in Action. Remember those who survived Residential Schools and those who did not, Honour all those who attended and the many generations it impacted and Inspire Action in your own community to build a brighter future for everyone in Canada. The text on the back of this shirt is meant as a conversation starter on how we can each make a difference and work towards Reconciliation in our schools, our communities, and in our country. It’s an opportunity for every individual to reflect on what they are doing to bring about Reconciliation. Every order of orange t-shirts will come with an accompanying activity guide!